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We’re all finance industry veterans with over 150 years combined industry experience and knowledge, gaining our apprenticeships and learning our trade in various lending organisations across a multitude of roles.


Stu - BW.jpg

Stuart Lamont


Business Development Manager


Stuart has worked in the finance industry for over 45 years.  He is a field hockey ‘tragic’ who during hockey season, can be found playing various field positions in his hockey team.  A passionate player and supporter of the Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club (WA), during hockey season he can be found either playing on the field with his team-mates, holding up the bar after a well fought out game, or providing consultative support to the club’s committee.


Annette - BWG.jpg

Annette Lamont


Business Development Manager (Authorised Credit Representative No. 458953)

Annette’s attention to detail along with her experience across many different lender processing and credit assessment roles means that she understands what’s required to manage your lending experience as efficiently as possible.   Downtime to Annette means nothing more stressful than a good book, catching up with good friends & family or a long drive to somewhere.  When she’s feeling energetic, she likes to run (albeit not very well!) to keep fit.



Peter Famlonga

Dip.Fin Services (Fin/Mort.Brk Mgt)

Authorised Credit Representative No. 390148

Peter has been helping people with their finances for over 40 years with 20 years of service at one of the major banks, including being branch manager and 20 years operating as a Finance Broker in Rockingham. He’s right into his cars of all shapes and sizes – from sports cars to the family car, the 4WD to even work vans, he has a pretty impressive knowledge of it all, making him a ‘guru’ when it comes to car loans and equipment finance. He has a soft spot for golf and you can usually find him down at Kwinana Golf Club in his spare time and has even achieved the elusive ‘Hole in One’!  His enthusiasm for golf is matched only by his culinary love of all things pie-based, ensuring that he supports local bakery small businesses whenever holidaying in our regional areas.



Ben Famlonga


Authorised Credit Representative No. 510474


Ben has worked across various roles including supervision and management in the construction industry, where he worked for 9 years. Since qualifying as a Finance Broker, he uses his skills and knowledge of the construction industry, to match a client’s needs and wants to the various jobs/lifestyle within it.  Ben is a keen traveller with his two top destinations being Ireland and New Zealand. He’s keen to help people achieve their dream of owning their own home and works tirelessly to help clients achieve financial freedom.

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